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Our Philosophy
We believe that birth is a natural process. With careful prenatal screening and competent birth attendance, birth at home can be a safe and joyful experience. Our role is one of support and monitoring.

LeBoyer Childbirth Method
Dr. Frederick LeBoyer’s book “Birth Without Violence” revolutionized the way we bring children into the world. We use his ideal setting of soft lights, warm environment, gentle touching and soft voices during birth along with a warm soothing bath for the baby soon after birth to ease the transition.

The Philosophy and Responsibility of a Midwife by Sherry Dress
I believe that childbirth is a normal and natural process which left to nature will proceed to an uncomplicated end in a great majority of all cases. I believe the role of the midwife is to assist the birthing couple in the journey through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the post partum period by monitoring that natural process.

I believe that childbirth is a family centered event and the midwife’s role is to enhance that relationship by supporting the family’s power of unity. I believe that the parents can have the experience they desire and we are open to any specific requests regarding the birth experience. I also believe that the parents are ultimately responsible for their own health care which will affect the outcome of the birth. This responsibility is to educate yourselves concerning all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting. I will assist with information on nutrition, exercise and childbirth education , but you must assume responsibility of maintaining your own excellent health care. I offer for your use several books and videos on these subjects, some of which are required reading and viewing during your prenatal care. Homebirth couples must take extra responsibility in these areas since medical back-up is not readily available as it is for those birthing in the hospital.

In the event complications arise which in my judgment cannot be handled safely at home, I will accompany you to the hospital, remaining to offer any kind of assistance to both of you. Though this rarely occurs, I ask for your cooperation. My foremost responsibility at all times will be in protecting the lives of the mother and the newborn baby. I believe the midwife’s role in a normal home birth is one of minimal interference. I bring to the birth special skills, individual care, and guidance for a safe birth from many years of experience. One of the major tasks lies in coaching the labor, a broad term encompassing the myriad forms of support and encouragement given the mother compliments, cheers, perhaps a stern recommendation, a soothing voice or just a cool washcloth on the forehead.

Massage can be given for aching muscles or relieve the father with his help of breathing through contractions. My intention is to focus the attention of the household on the beautiful birth process rather than on the one catching the baby. I encourage the father to help with the delivery of his baby if that is his desire. Throughout the labor, during and immediately following the birth, we monitor both the baby and mother carefully to identify and problems should they occur. I work to keep the birthing environment positive, talking the mother through any blocks she may encounter and helping guests and family to maintain harmony so necessary for a successful birth.

Actually, the responsibilities of the midwife begins long before the birth. Birth classes are offered for parents which cover early pregnancy discomforts, emotional changes, nutrition, exercises, sexuality during pregnancy and the nursing period, warning signs of problems that could occur, the risks and rewards involved, prenatal and postnatal care of the mother and what to expect with the newborn, and finally practical information on the birth itself; necessary supplies, what to do when labor starts and the general order of events during the birth process.

Counseling is available on a number of levels. I provide comprehensive nutritional and dietary information. I will discuss any fears and insecurities, misunderstandings and misinformation you may have, and help you work out any concerns resulting from the changing marriage relationship of the pregnant couple to their emergence as parents.

Careful screening is necessary on my part to help eliminate any high risk mothers and babies from attempting the home birth. In such cases where I feel the mother is a high risk, all the options will be discussed thoroughly and I will help you find a sympathetic and competent physician who will help you have as natural a birth as possible. If you suffer from heart disease, diabetes, or any other chronic medical problem; if you have a history of serious obstetrical complications; or if you have strong misgivings or fears about home birth, you should not attempt a home birth. If you are anemic, if you smoke or take any drugs including alcohol, or if you do not plan to breastfeed, you need intensive counseling and unless you are willing to make the needed changes necessary for a successful birth, you should have your baby in the hospital.

Invite Us for an Introductory Visit
We present further information regarding our service, qualifications and our specific involvement in the deliveries we attend. The risks and benefits of home birth are also discussed. Birthing films are also available for viewing by appointment. For information about the introductory visit and a packet of information thoroughly detailing our services call: Sherry Dress 541-575-0962

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